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ABC 10287 Diamond Form


ABC Diamond

Patented Diamond Layer Technology- Comfortable Cool For An Active Lifestyle!

Experience a remarkable cool with ABC’s Diamond! ABC created our patented Diamond Layer Technology to provide a secure fit and a gentle massage while wearing. Our specialized diamond pattern minimizes perspiration, increases evaporation rate during activity and reduces shifting in bra for ease of wear. Enjoy cooling comfort with the ABC Diamond!

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Features and Benefits:

  • ABC’s patented Diamond Layer Technology minimizes perspiration, increases evaporation rate during activity, and reduces shifting in bra.
  • Crafted with lightweight silicone, this prosthesis presents a modest appearance that closely mimics natural breast tissue while decreasing tension on shoulders for easy, comfortable wear.
  • Rounded triangle shape provides full coverage for widespread cooling comfort.
  • Symmetric design can be worn on either your left or right side.

All ABC Diamond prostheses are delivered with the feminine, elegant velor case. Ideal for storage and transportation.
Care instructions and a 2-year guarantee are also included.


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