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ABC 10373 Dual Soft Triangle

ABC 10373 Dual Soft Triangle

Dual-Soft Triangle

Essential Comfort, Effortless Ease

Experience supreme comfort and softness with ABC’s Dual-Soft Triangle! Our triple-layer design offers exceptional softness while providing stability for secure wear. Featuring a convex back, this prosthesis fits snuggly against your body’s contours. ABC’s lightweight Super Soft Silicone presents a natural silhouette while helping to manage shoulder tension for exceptional comfort. 

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Features and Benefits:

  • Triple-layer design features ABC’s Super Soft lightweight silicone on the front and back for soft comfort, while a middle layer of traditional lightweight silicone adds firm support.
  • Created with ABC’s lightweight silicone, this prosthesis aids in managing shoulder tension and strain for comfortable wear.
  • Design features a convex back, with fullness concentrated at the top to snuggle into concavities for remarkable comfort and secure wear. 
  • Symmetric design can be worn on either your left or right side.

Dual-Soft Triangle

All ABC prostheses are delivered with the feminine, pretty case. Ideal for storage and transportation.
Care instructions and a 2-year guarantee are also included.


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