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How to Care for your Swimwear

How to care for your made to measure swimwear

We advise that you:

  • Rinse thoroughly after each use in cold water.
  • Dry away from direct heat.
  • Do not tumble dry or iron.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not store wet.

How to care for your breast prosthesis

External breast prosthesis are designed to help restore the natural body shape of women who have had breast surgery. Listed below are general care guidelines to ensure your breast prosthesis provides you with a long lasting comfort and satisfaction.

Do clean your breast prosthesis daily in lukewarm water with mild soap and dry off with a soft towel. Chlorinated or salt water will not harm your breast prosthesis.

Do store your breast prosthesis nipple side down in the travel case provided.

Do be careful with sharp, pointed objects near your breast prosthesis. Pins, fingernails, pet claws, scissors etc. can all cause permanent damage.

Avoid stretching, twisting, rubbing or using excessive force when handling your breast form.

Avoid bringing your breast prosthesis in direct contact with perfume, hot surfaces or hot water.

Do not wear the breast prosthesis until your surgery site it fully healed. Breast Prosthesis are for external use only.

For the most comfort, we recommend wearing the breast prosthesis with a professionally fitted bra.