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ABC 10295 Massage Form Silhouette


Massage Form® Silhouette

Patented Massage Technology- Massages, Hugs, Cools

Enjoy the cooling comfort of The Massage Form® Silhouette; developed with ABC’s Patented Massage Technology! Specialized channels encourage airflow, helping to reduce heat retention and provide a soothing touch; especially great for women experiencing symptoms associated with Lymphedema. Our lightweight silicone minimizes tension on shoulders for comfortable wear while presenting a soft, natural appearance.

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Features and Benefits:

  • ABC’s patented Massage Technology channels airflow to cool as it massages for increased comfort; great for everyday use, especially while exercising or experiencing menopausal symptoms.
  • ABC’s lightweight silicone presents a realistic look and feel that closely resembles natural breast tissue; passes the “hug test”!
  • Relaxed profile mirrors the look of mature breasts.
  • Clear silicone back improves stability for a secure fit against your chest wall.
  • Footprint design helps keep form discreet in your bra cup.
  • Symmetric design can be worn on either your left or right side.

All ABC prostheses are delivered with the feminine, pretty case. Ideal for storage and transportation.
Care instructions and a 2-year guarantee are also included.
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