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ABC 10271 Classic Triangle Air

ABC 10271 Classic Triangle Air

Classic Triangle Air

Ultra light and soft

Lightness and softness - this combination makes the ABC Classic Triangel Air a very special breast prosthesis. Thanks to the Air lightweight silicone, this breast prosthesis is approx. 42% lighter than a breast prosthesis made from normal standard silicone.
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Features and Benefits:

  • ABC’s ultra-light Air silicone reduces strain and is ideal for women with shoulder or back issues
  • The classic triangle profile is styled with additional width to fill in across the bra cup to capture the look of a supported mature breast.
  • The shorter triangle design allows women to wear lower necklines and easily fits into contemporary bra styles for a seamless silhouette.
  • Symmetric design can be fit on either your left or right side.

Dual-Soft Triangle

All ABC prostheses are delivered with the feminine, pretty case. Ideal for storage and transportation.
Care instructions and a 2-year guarantee are also included.


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