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ABC 105 Petite T-Shirt Bra Black


105 - Black

Petite T-Shirt Bra

Embrace delicate beauty with ABC’s Petite T-Shirt Bra.  Featuring seamless molded foam cups, our Petite T-Shirt Bra smooths and enhances for a sleek silhouette. The subtle lace detail on band and straps adds a gentle elegance to this dainty bra.

32 – 40 AA
32 – 42 A
32 – 42 B
32 – 42 C

- +

Made with a thin layer of foam for a smooth, enhanced silhouette. Embroidered straps and mid-band detail give this bra a touch of style. Stretch straps make for a comfortable fit.

Features seamless, molded, foam cups with an average to full profile. Ideal fit for petite frames.

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